Learn more about British Columbia

The province of British Columbia is located in the extreme west of Canada and has such a varied climate that there are chances to ski and play golf in the same day. Its capital is Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island. The population of the province is of 4.5 million inhabitants with the majority of them in the region of Vancouver and Victoria. The province of British Columbia is home to many mountains and valleys with many choices of what to do and see. Its climate is mild compared to the provinces to the east.

The best job opportunities are in the areas of finance, insurance, real estate and business management. It is also worthy of mention its film industry. There are many employment services that help you get a job as there is an expected 1.8% increase in the employment rate per year until 2019. There are also employment programs that help people prepare for the job market. Between 2011 and 2021, there will be more than one million jobs available in British Columbia.

The quality of life in B.C. is very high. The residents of B.C. are friendly and welcoming. B.C province has transit and ferry systems to help residents get around. The cost of living varies depending on where you decide to settle in B.C. The educational system has three levels and there are more than 60 local school districts throughout the province. In general, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada.